Re-membering & Honoring my Sacred Feminine

Women’s Circle on Body, Gender & Sexuality at VHS-Mitte, Berlin

Re-membering & Honoring my Sacred Feminine

This is a course for all who self-define as women. The course is every monday 13:00-16:15 between January 10-March 21, 2022, held in person at VHS-Mitte, Berlin.

This will be a collective exploration of our femininity to liberate our minds and bodies of the cultural notions of shame, guilt, imperfection, limited expression in the world, and to discover and reconnect to our Sacred Femininity, to the ancient wisdom of our bodies and sexuality and create new ways of being that are more healing, balanced and whole.

The format of the course will be a women’s sharing circle, held for 10 weeks (1 introduction session followed by 9 weeks of gestation/unfolding). Using scientific and fictive readings, films, writing exercises, artwork, movement, meditation and sharing of our own experiences from childhood to now in a safe environment, we will explore together topics such as gender, historical degradation of the feminine, body image, childbirth, menstruation, contraception/abortion, motherhood, and close with the session on re-membering and reuniting with the Sacred Feminine.

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