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Reiki and Private Coaching

I offer two types of private sessions to support a life in ideal holistic health and balance/harmony where each of us can blossom to our full potential with conscious awareness. These are (1) Reiki Treatments and (2) Private Consultations that includes talking, Reiki, NORM method, movement, and other modalities as needed. Both sessions help to reach and maintain holistic health, relax, calm the body, mind and heart and deal better with disease, disharmony, life’s difficulties, transition periods in life. Sessions also aim to support our spiritual path and growth.

While you can use both sessions for one time or sustained support, private coaching sessions that integrate many modalities are more suitable for sytematic and deeper work. Please feel free to try each with no obligation for a long-term commitment. Reiki and Private Consultations are not a replacement for psychotherapy or medical treatment, but could be used as very potent accompaniments for any such treatment you are already utilizing.


Reiki Sessions
WHAT IS REIKI? Composed of Rei (Sacred, Divine Wisdom) and Ki (Chi/Qi/Prana: life force) and translated generally as “spiritually guided life force energy,” Reiki is a technique for healing and spiritual growth. Accessed and developed by Mikao Usui in the beginning of 20th century in Japan, Reiki is an energy modality that has existed in various cultures. Unrelated to any religion, Reiki is a hands-on healing modality used both for healing di…
Private Counseling
Private Coaching includes talking, (if you allow it) Reiki, NORM method, movement, writing, creative practices and other modalities as needed. These sessions are more suitable for sustained support to reach and maintain holistic health and balance, to relax and deal with dis-ease, disharmony, life’s difficulties, transition periods and/or to support our spiritual path and growth. PROCEDURE A session lasts 1 hr. If you are interested,…


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    PhD Student, age 34, Germany

    I consulted Ayşe Dayı during one of my emotional and physical hard times. Right from the first moment, I felt her compassion, empathy, and understanding of my situation. Reflecting on our sessions, I recall how secure I felt when she would suggest me to do a task or an exercise saying “only if you feel comfortable” no matter how easy it might seem. I truly felt it wasn’t a generic approach and I was being well understood. She guided me with different suggestions such as breathing/meditation exercises, writing tasks, various Reiki practices, listening to my instincts/feelings, and looking at my inner-self and my surroundings from a different perspective. Especially with the writing tasks, I was able to better understand and materialize the links between the issues I have been dealing with. And thanks to her, it has been valuable to contemplate the importance of nature, the energy within, and how we are connected to it.

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    age 49, Professor, USA

    Thanks to Ayşe’s body scan method, I sleep so much more comfortably at night. She also helped me greatly with her Reiki practice. I had an issue that would wake me up and keep my mind occupied in the early hours of the morning. After two weeks of sleepless nights, I finally started sleeping better and came to have a certain degree of control over my anxiety. She is great!

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    age 47, Visiting Researcher, Denmark

    Ayse is one of the kindest and gentlest persons I have known. When I had an accident and hurt my ankle she helped me in various ways. She brightened my days with her friendly talks and genuine care. After my surgery, Ayse checked on me and sent me Reiki energy every day. At the end of the second week, she gave me numbers to activate with a ritual, every night for a week. On the first night, my leg hurt a lot but that was because of the power of activation. I repeated the activations every night for a week and it gradually worked wonders. She taught me how to talk to my injured leg and how to give energetic care to it. The pain gradually got better and I started to bear weight on it. Ayse was there every step of the way—both as a healer and a friend. I am thankful for her caring personality, beautiful heart and spiritual wisdom.

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