Why Orca Dreams?

I founded Orca Dreams on November 2020.

In naming this labor of the heart, I was inspired by two wise ancient beings: the Orcas and Aboriginal people of Australia. With the wisdom of dreamtime, Aborigines remain connected to the ancestors, can travel through time-space and various dimensions of reality and live in the knowledge of interbeing. In the same spirit, with Orca Dreams I offer work that contributes to living in a mindful way in ideal physical and spiritual health where mind, body, speech and action are harmonized into ONE.

Having lived in different lands (Turkey, U.S., France, Switzerland and Germany), I am a mystic traveler. I cross boundaries connecting lands and peoples. From my experience and gift of connecting lands and peoples and the wish to deepen the practice of interbeing, Orca Dreams emerged as a platform that aims to connect groups, lands, and cultures by displaying (in the spirit of a collective) the work of individual experts and groups, globally but with a special focus to communities in Germany and Turkey. In this platform we exchange knowledge and skills on mindful living, holistic health and healing, as these relate to education, ecology, women’s health and gender. Travelling through dreamtime and working in collaboration with likeminded individuals, groups and institutions, the aim is to integrate within ONEself and beyond, as ONE community.

About Orca Dreams


Due to my current residence in Berlin and roots in Turkey and Anatolia, Orca Dreams will have special focus on serving communities in Turkey and Germany by hosting experts from these countries and elsewhere to give in-person and online education to people in Turkey, Germany, Europe and beyond. In this way another bridge between Turkey and Germany is formed, this time through mindfulness work, to strengthen the coexistence of all communities in Germany, and to contribute to exchange of knowledge, skills and strategies between Germany and Turkey in living in peaceful, healthy and fulfilled lives, in harmony with each other and with the earth.

From this focal point, Orca Dreams as a platform will serve the global community and connect, as whales do, across borders and oceans, peoples and cultures and like-minded groups on mindful living.


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