Orca Dreams is a dream come true.. It takes a village, a collective for dreams to materialize and continue their presence. Here are all the earthly angels that supported its birthing and continue to give their generous heartful support. I list them here so that you can also know them and support their work.

Beautiful Image: “Ancient Affinity” by Gary Purchase

I thank:

  • İrem Bray for her full-hearted ongoing support in the formation and flourishing of Orca Dreams
  • Mehmet Parpudar for his ongoing full-hearted support and wisdom he provides me and the initiative and for his love of Orcas
  • Kamyar Houbakht for listening deeply, giving technical and humane support, and for creating this beautiful web site
  • Sinan Dıramalı for listening deeply and channeling his full-hearted creativity into materializing the beautiful visual logo of Orca Dreams (Sinan can be reached via email: )
  • Melike Kurşun for her generous and creative work on the sound logo’s of Orca Dream
  • Ulaş Yunus Tosun for the beautiful photos of Qiqong and Meditation sessions (Ulaş can be reached via email: )
  • Jobst von Konowski for my portrait used on the Home Page
  • Müge Pirgaip for her artwork “Womenpower” used in the Sacred Feminine link
  • Devani Dilek Yıldız and all the friends at The Homeworkshops where Orca Dreams made its first debut with Meditation courses and Qiqong workshops
  • Taylan Yıldız, Safter Çınar and the staff of TBB for legal support during the foundation proces
  • MarieAvril Roux Steinkühler of MARS – IP, for her generous and kind legal support
  • Selma Yıldız, Jenny Xavier Kocheril, Hatice Ersoy and Eva Karanikola at ISI Initiative Selbständiger Immigrantinnen e.V. for their support in making this a successful business initiative of a migrant woman
  • Dilara Erdem and her wonderful colleagues at IHK Berlin for very kind and timely professional support
  • Arancha Arancha Vallez Zamarro and GUWBI: Gesellschaft für Urbane Wirtschaft, Beschäftigung und Integration e.V. for kind and professional support
  • My wonderful women friends at PUDUHEPA: Women’s Initiative for Solidarity, our women’s collective based in Berlin, for their ongoing support of me and this initiative
  • Ayşe Gül Altınay and Sema from Sabancı University SU Gender Center for all their kind and generous support in the development of the “Tending the World, Tending Ourselves” Program.
  • Jonas Hessling and Annette Kolbe for their heartful support in translation of texts into German
  • Hakan for his support of me and the website


Befitting the relationship between Orcas, Dreamtime and Ancestors, I chose for this page the wonderful artwork of Gary Purchase called “Ancient Affinity.” I thank my ancestors, beginning with my dad who instilled in me the love of the sea and all its creatures and my mom who gifted me her sense of aesthetics and elegance. I thank my whale friends and the Aboriginal friends as well for their wisdom, full of pure love. I thank all my teachers and my companeros and companeras who shared their scientific and spiritual wisdom with me.

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you.





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