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Autumn 2022 Trainings

To Enter the New Year Rejevunated & Free

Autumn 2022 Trainings

MBSR: Mindfulness based stress reduction program 

Autumn is the season to harvest the fruits of our labor of last year and start letting go.. Trees shed their leaves and start pulling all their energy inward. Winter is the time to go fully in, reflect, contemplate, and gather energy for the rebirth in Spring. 
In our upcoming trainings, we will use these energies of Autumn and Winter to recognize and let go of the patterns that do not serve us and learn ways to calm the mind and heart and to deal better with stress.
You can complete both MBSR Training and the One Day Retreat as Fortbildung (Professional Training). VHS will provide Certificate of Attendance. 
Come join us!

what happens in MBSR:

In an MBSR Course, we learn in a joyful, interactive way, supported by a group:

  • What stress is (physiological mechanism of stress)
  • What triggers stress in me
  • When stressed, which thoughts, feelings arise and what do I do automatically
  • How can I learn to recognize stress, learn ways to calm my mind and body and choose to respond mindfully
  • How can I learn to take care of my mind and body and respect my limits to nourish holistic health and prevent burnout
  • How can I learn to take care of myself to nourish my positive thought, emotional and bodily habits and liberate myself from those that lead to vicious cycles

The gains are:

  • increased body awareness and body flexibility
  • focused and calmer mind
  • effective communication skills
  • improvement in perspective taking
  • learning to give love and compassion to self and others
  • learning and respecting own physical and mental boundaries
  • learning to take care of self (physically and mentally)

Please visit this page for more info on MBSR.

time & Place

October 13-December 8, 2022
Thursdays, 18:15-21:15
Julicher Strasse 30
13357, Berlin


Week 1: October 13, 2022: What is Mindfulness?

Week 2: October 20, 2022: How we see the world

Week 3: October 27, 2022: Feeling at home in one’s body

Week 4: November 10, 2022: What is Stress?

Week 5: November 17, 2022: Responding to Stress: Reacting vs. Mindful Response

Week 6: November 24, 2022: Mindful Communication

Sunday, November 27: Day of Mindfulness (10:00-16:00)

Week 7: December 1, 2022: Taking Care of Ourselves

Week 8: December 8, 2022: Caring for Oneself: Looking back, Looking Ahead

info on trainer

Please visit here for more info on Ayşe Dayı, the trainer. Ayşe is a certified MBSR Teacher, who has been teaching MBSR online and in person since 2020 to diverse group of individuals from Turkey, Germany, Europe and the U.S.

for info on fee and to register

Please send an email to [email protected]

Deep Relaxation & Rejuvenation:
One day mindfulness retreat

Globally and individually we are in a period of great transformation, which might cause stress, anxiety, exhaustion, burnout, physical ailments and depression. Offered by Dr. Ayse Dayi as a psychologist, certified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program) Teacher, and mindfulness trainer, this one-day retreat is an invitation to be introduced to mindfulness practices and to relax and rejuvenate together. We will do deep relaxation, awareness of breath meditation, mindful movement and other practices in joy and share our experiences. When we do these practices regularly, we could meet life’s challenges and stress in a calmer way and renew ourselves whenever we feel the need to do so. No previous experience is needed. Wear comfortable clothes and come with your curiosity and your smile. You could complete this retreat as Fortbildung and receive a Certificate of Attendance from VHS as well.

time & place

VHS Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Wassertorstrasse 4, Aula
10969 Berlin

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Registration link



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