Tending the World, Tending Ourselves


This is a program of Orca Dreams for activists in exile in Europe.  It is supported in part by the Henrich Böll Stiftung Friends and Supporters Fund.

The program was inspired by Sabancı University’s SU Gender Center’s program “Transformative Activism: Rethinking Gender and Politics.” It is online, free and in English.

Admissions are closed for this program where we continue as a sharing circle.


If you would like to request a program or workshops on themes of migration, taking refuge, exile, rooting and home, and alternative ways of education/academia and activism, please click the button at the end of the page and fill out the institutional request form and get in touch with us.

This is a 9-month program of Orca Dreams, supported in part by the Henrich Böll Stiftung Friends and Supporters Fund. The program started in January 2021 and will end in October 2021 with the registered group of participants. We meet once a month online for a full day. Each gathering includes some movement, meditation, a workshop conducted by an international expert and circle sharing.

Through the workshops and our circle sharing, we share together the experience of social justice work, academia, exile/migration, unrooting and re-rooting on our lives -on our bodies, minds, our circles of friends, family and colleagues- and dream collectively on alternative ways of activism, education, social justice work.


Working on issues of social justice are very demanding on individuals and in many cases leads to health problems (various forms of dis-ease) and burnout. When the conditions of exile and migration are added to this, stresses multiply for the individual and their families, overwhelming our internal psycho-social resources.

As a scholar-activist in the area of women’s sexual and reproductive rights and health policy, Ayşe also experienced the stresses of losing a job and exile firsthand. She witnessed similar or worse hardships of colleagues from Turkey and other countries through the Scholars at Risk Network. Having these experiences and a solid mindfulness background in meditation and qiqong, Ayşe stands on the intersections of academia, activism, health and mindfulness. It is from this stance and as inspired by the model of Sabancı University’s SU Gender Center’s program entitled “Transformative Activism: Rethinking Gender and Politics”, that Ayşe planned and is facititating the “Tending the World, Tending Ourselves Program.”


Ayşe Dayı in front of a cool graffiti at Freie Universität, Berlin. Photo taken by dear friend and colleague Mehmet Ruhi Demiray.

PROGRAM DATES: January 10, February 7, March 7, April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, Sept 5, Oct 3


When I first participated in this study, my aim was to learn how to cope with the difficulties I faced. I was very stressful and negative at that time. The fact that the study was with a group made me very happy. It made me feel stronger to be with people who are going through similar challenges. While doing this, it was also enjoyable to try different methods. All of these methods didn’t feel the same. But it was nice to try for me. The group and the coordination are very friendly and open to everyone to express themselves. this is an important reason why you feel happy to be a part of it. Decisions are taken collectively. This is another reason why it feels valuable.
Postdoc  researcher, Germany


July 11, 2021: Have no fear: An introduction to the fundamental body mechanisms of  overcoming shock and fear with Tabish Roncucci. 

Tabish is a therapist trained in Codependency work, Primal (childhood deconditioning), Trauma healing (Somatic Experiencing) and Hara Awareness. He is also a Learning Love Institute teacher.



Fear is not only an ally. It is a powerful tool for personal andspiritual growth.
When we understand fear, it becomes an opportunity to deepen into intimacy and love.
Tabish Roncucci


June 13, 2021:“I’m the heroine / hero of this story: Follow-up Workshop” with Ebru Nihan Celkan.

Ebru Nihan is a playwright, trainer, a Jean Jack Rousseau Fellow of the Academy Schloss Solitude Stuttgart and founder of the Y+O, a platform dedicated to develop emotional intelligence.

Memories are fiction. We perceive what we are experiencing not as it is, but as the person we were at that time, and we shape it in our minds that way. As these half-real memories are replayed in our minds and in our Daily conversations, they turn into fictional stories. In our first workshop, we tried to perceive our environment with the five senses and to look at our memory through this perception. In this follow-up workshop, we will look at our stories more closely and as the person we are today and try to complete the points we are missed. We will travel to the foreign country we call memory and deepen our acquaintance with it.
Ebru Nihan Celkan

May 9, 2021: Bırak or Let go, Let be, Allow with Tarık Tekman.

Tarık Tekman teaches and facilitates Qigong, Tai Chi, Bırak and The Work of Byron Katie in Cyprus and online.

Bırak means “let go, let be, allow” in Turkish. In a Bırak session through conversation, silence and meditation you explore how and why you are resisting life, how that resistance affects your body, breath, energy and relationships; and meet yourself: life.
Tarık Tekman

April 2021: Re-writing my precious story with Ebru Nihan Celkan.

Ebru Nihan is a playwright, trainer, a Jean Jack Rousseau Fellow of the Academy Schloss Solitude Stuttgart and founder of the Y+O, a platform dedicated to develop emotional intelligence.

March 7, 2021: Deep Listening with Emre Dündar,

Emre Dündar is a composer and scholar from Turkey who currently lives in Berlin and has recently completed a DAAD fellowship.

Most of us can hear, but do we really know how to listen? We live in the midst of a sound universe. To what extent are we aware of this onic diversity? Moreover, are we aware of the talents that we can bring to ourselves from the richnes of this immersive?
In this interactive workshop, through lecture and few practices, we will learn to add new listening practices that will enable us to rediscover the world through sounds.
Emre Dündar 
February 7, 2021: Foundations of Balance with Stefan (Stev) Müller.

Steve Müller is the Headcoach of Xuan – Gong Fu Academy: School of Hidden Virtue, Berlin.

January  2021: Introductions to the program and to each other..





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