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Happy Teachers

Mindfulness for Educators

Happy Teachers Change the World is the name of the award-winning textbook book by Prof. Katherine Weare and Venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, latter of whom gives great importance to the wellbeing of educators of all levels. Happy Teachers do change the World!

You are cordially and joyfully invited to our workshop for educators given by Dr. Orla O’Sullivan, a wise, experienced and kind international expert on the topic. Orla was a reader for the ‘Happy Teachers Change the World: A Guide to Integrating Mindfulness in Education’ book.


The quality of our teaching depends on the quality of our presence. With the many demands of teaching, we can feel like we’re constantly running and reacting. Mindfulness practice gives us space to breathe through our day, to learn ways to establish your teaching presence with openness and kindness, to care for yourself and to help your classroom to be a more loving, joyful and peaceful place.

In this practical workshop we will explore:

  • the foundations of mindfulness
  • principles of sharing mindfulness with children
  • three mindfulness practices to help us come home to ourselves, feel grounded and offer kindness to ourselves

This experiential workshop will be a mix of sharing about the practice, exploring for ourselves and then reflecting on our experience in the group. You will also receive mindfulness resources to support your practice and also to share with students.




Online via Zoom Platform

Wednesday, November 17, 2021
18:00-20:30 pm Berlin time
20:00-22:30 pm Turkish time.

The workshop will be in English with translation to Turkish provided for Turkish speaking participants. The interactive workshop is 2 hrs with 30 min left for Question & Answer time. Take your tea and join us.

For fee info & registration: [email protected]

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If working in an educational institutional (kindergarden, school, college, university), please invite your colleagues.



Orla has been practicing mindfulness for over 22 years in the tradition of Plum Village / Thich Nhat Hanh. She teaches mindfulness internationally to all ages and has created several initiatives to share mindfulness in fun and creative ways. Her courses for families are founded on learning together as a family, blending mindfulness and character strengths and positive neuroplasticity. In Ireland, Orla works directly with NEPS (National Educational Psychological Service), parents’ associations, schools and after-school groups, and was a co-organiser of Family Day – Ireland’s largest celebration of the diversity of the family in Ireland today. Internationally, Orla is the International Co-ordinator for Wake Up Schools, a founder member of the Community for Contemplative Education, and is an advisor to the World Happiness Festival.


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