Joyful stress reduction for women entrepreneurs

Free online course for women migrants

March 18, 2022 10:00 am-12:00 pm

This Course is Free and takes place Online 

We, as migrant women and migrant women entrepreneurs, have much strength, resilience and creativity. We had the strength to move to another country and to open a business there. But do you at times feel tired and overwhelmed by multiple demands of work, home and life in general? Do you feel close to burnout?

This is a course where we will learn in a joyful way, supported by a group:

  • What stress is (physiological mechanism of stress)
  • What triggers stress in me
  • When stressed, which thoughts, feelings arise and what do I do automatically
  • How can I learn to recognize stress, learn ways to calm my mind and body and choose to respond mindfully
  • How can I learn to take care of my mind and body and respect my limits

We will do these through movement, meditation, interactive activities, home practice and sharing of our experiences in the group.

The gains of the course are:

  • increased body awareness and body flexibility
  • focused and calmer mind
  • coming from the mind to body and to the moment
  • learning to give love and compassion to self and others
  • learning to take care of self

Starting/Ending dates

18.03.2022 – 29.04.2022 (5 days course, Fridays) | 10h00 – 12h00 KURSZEITEN

Beginn Ende Dozentin Ort
18.03.2022 10:00 12:00 Dr. Ayşe Dayı Online (Zoom-Plattform)
25.03.2022 10:00 12:00 Dr. Ayşe Dayı Online (Zoom-Plattform)
01.04.2022 10:00 12:00 Dr. Ayşe Dayı Online (Zoom-Plattform)
08.04.2022 10:00 12:00 Dr. Ayşe Dayı Online (Zoom-Plattform)
22.04.2022 10:00 12:00 Dr. Ayşe Dayı Online (Zoom-Plattform)
29.04.2022 10:00 12:00 Dr. Ayşe Dayı Online (Zoom-Plattform)

Here is the link for registration


  • ISI: Initiative Selbständiger Immigrantinnen e. V.
    Kurfürstenstraße 126, 10785 Berlin


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